Material Data

The following data tabulates the specified material characteristics of Neosid ferrites. Supplementary graphs show typical performance and are given as guidance only. Data is derived from measurements on toroidal cores and the values obtained cannot be directly transferred to products of another shape and size.

The Nickel-Zinc ferrites (mainly used in open-circuit configurations) are described by Loss Factors corresponding to the sum of the residual eddy current losses.

The grades of Manganese-Zinc ferrites mainly developed for power applications are characterised by the Power Loss Density under specified conditions. Other Manganese-Zinc ferrites, especially those used in low frequency telecommunication applications, are characterised by both the residual and eddy current loss factor and the hysteresis loss factor.

Information given for individual grades of ferrite specify the typical or maximum Loss Factors for a range of frequencies where these losses remain fairly low. Generally speaking, these loss factors increase with frequency at a steady rate, slowly at first and then rapidly increasing to overtake the frequency rise. The point at which this accelerated rate of increase of loss factors occurs depends upon the composition and sintering conditions and may very between batches of cores.

Applications Guide

Neosid ferrites are used in an extensive range of products and applications. Electronics applications are constantly developing. Listed below is an applications guide outlining the most popular use of Neosid material grades.

It is intended as a guide only.

Pot cores/RM cores for inductors, transformers:

Grades: P10, P11, F5, F5A, F5C, F44, F48, F47, F9, F9C, F10, F39

Low power and pulse transformer cores:

Grades: F9, F9C, F10, F39, F57, F14

Balun cores:

Grades: P11, F9, F9C, F10, F19, F14, F13

High power transformer cores (E, U & Ring)

Grades: F5A, F44, F45, F47, F48, F5C, F5

Suppression cores:

Grades: F9, F9C, F10, F39, F19, F14, F8

Toroidal cores:

Grades: All grades.

Aerial Rods and Blocks:

Grades: F14, F8, F6, F16, F25, F29

Screw cores, rods, tubes:

Grades: F14, F25, F29, F16, F8

High frequency welding impeders:

Grades: F14, F6