EE&EF Cores were one of the first ferrite cores to be manufactured withstandard sizes beingderived from their respective lamination-size. Having rectangular limbs they are relatively easy to manufacture and assemble. Neosid’s range reflects a selection of cores that have become, over many years, worldwide standards through continued use. EE&EF cores are particularly suitable for power transformers and filters at low frequencies.

Due to differing cross-sectional areas in different parts of some cores the flux density may vary along the flux path. Amplitude permeability and power loss characteristics measured on these cores may be influenced by this.

EE_20.pdf EE_20.pdf (224.39 KB)

EE_25.4-6.pdf EE_25.4-6.pdf (220.00 KB)

EE_25.5-12.5.pdf EE_25.5-12.5.pdf (213.94 KB)

EE_30.pdf EE_30.pdf (220.84 KB)

EE_34-8.pdf EE_34-8.pdf (198.30 KB)

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