LVM Pumps

The LVM (Low voltage motors) range comprises of 12 and 24 volt submersible and inline pumps suitable for pumping fresh/sea water, and diesel (except the Niagara which is only for water).

They provide a wide range of performance over many applications, including: water transfer/clearance, deck showers, deck/anchor washing, bilge clearance in tight areas, and rapid diesel refuelling/transfer with no spillage

The pumps and high speed inflators are now assembled in Asia to the originally manufactured and designed U.K specifications.

LVM_Pumps_Brochure.pdf LVM_Pumps_Brochure.pdf (7.29 MB)

LVM_110_Hi-speed_Inflator.pdf LVM_110_Hi-speed_Inflator.pdf (2.33 MB)