Permanent Magnets

Neosid Aust offers one of the largest ranges of permanent magnet shapes, sizes and materials in Australia.The origin of this range is rooted in a background of in-house manufacturing by Neosid and past group companies such as Preformations and Swift Levick. It has since been expanded to cover the latest technologies from associate magnetic materials manufacturers.


  • Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) – themost recent rare earth magnetic material on offer, NdFeb is characterised by the highest energy product and is always coated.
  • Samarium cobalt (SmCo) –characterised by a high energy product and resistance to demagnetisation with a max operating temp of 300°C. SmComagnets are uncoated as there is no risk of corrosion.
  • Aluminium Nickel Cobalt (AlNiCo) – a traditional material both cast in foundries and pressed, with a high operating temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • Ferrite – both isotropic with no preferred direction of magnetism, and anisotropic with a preferred direction of magnetism and therefore stronger. These magnets are either dry or wet pressed.

Shapes and sizes

Neosid Austoffers all the shapes that can be traditionally manufactured as permanent magnets, namely:

Disc magnets – from as small as 2.5mm Dia to as large as 101.6mm Dia.

Rod magnets– from 1.5mmDiaup to 50.8mm Dia

Block magnets (bars) – from 10mm L to 150mm L

Ring magnets – from 10mm Dia up to 220mm Dia

Pots, Shallow Pots, Deep Pots, Button magnets – from 9.5mm Dia to 90mm Dia. The Pot range has a selection of I.D configurations, including with Hole, Internal thread, external thread & countersunk.

The range is completed with traditional AlNiCo horseshoe magnets. Plastic and rubber coated magnets as well as arc magnets (often custom made).


From Mining to DIY projects, Neosid Aust magnets are used in a variety of industrial, educational and household applications. Supporting Australian industry since 1956, our magnets can be found in separation devices for mining, air-conditioning motors, and sensitive reed switch and Hall Effect meter reading devices, to name a few applications. Wesupply educational magnets to schools and universities Australia-wide. In particular, low strength Alnico and ferrite magnets are ideal for hands on school science demonstrations and projects.Neosid Aust magnets are commonlyused for household and hobbyistapplications such as door and box closures, craft, woodworking and jewellery magnets, modelling & board gaming magnets, retrieval magnets, as well as fridge and whiteboard magnets.

With a wealth of knowledge in the magnetics field NeosidAust has the expertise to work with Australian and international businesses to create magnetic solutions for their needs and reliably supply high quality magnets in large production quantities as well as small quantities for one off projects and trials and evaluations.

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