Rods & Long Tubes

Rods are a very popular geometry as they are suitable for a multitude of applications. Rods less than 50.8mmin length (Short Rods) are generally manufactured using dry pressing techniques where multi-cavity tools can be employed making these Rods one of the most cost effective Soft Ferrite cores available. Rods over 50.8mm in length are typically manufactured using extrusion techniques where the Soft Ferrite Powder has been mixed with a moisturising plasticiser then forced through an extruding die. This method allows for greater lengths, diameters, and even flutes in the case of wielding impeders.

Short Rods are widely used as RF chokes, as well for inductor applications.An extensive range of diameter to length ratios are available and frequency ranges up to 200Mhzare covered by materials F8, F14, F16, F25 and F29. Low loss high saturation versions are offered for Loudspeaker Cross-Over Network applications. For tighter tolerances on the diameter and straightness, cores can be supplied centerlessly ground.

Neosid’s range of Long Rods covers both Low Frequency aerials (F8) and the Higher Frequency wavebands (F14). For AM (Frequency range up to the10MHz-13MHz area) F16 material is ideally suited.

High Frequency Impeder Welding Rods,Tubes and Fluted Tubes are used for flux concentration of magnetic flux in R.F. induction welding of Steel tubes.In this application Ferrite Core temperatures up to 150˚C can be experienced and the properties must be optimised for this environment. High material permeability, high saturation induction and high Curie temperature are characteristic of the ferrites making them ideal for the application. Fluted rods and tubes have a number of slots or ‘flutes’ cut around the circumference which allows for optimum coolant flow with improved eddy current loss.

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