Pot Cores

Pot cores are offered in a wide range of standard sizes.Since the wound coil is completely enclosed by the ferrite core Pot cores have low magnetic leakage.

Adjustable Inductor versions are also available.

Pot Core Accessories

An extensive range to suit your application is readily available.

Pot_Core_7mm.pdf Pot_Core_7mm.pdf (277.19 KB)

Pot_Core_9mm.pdf Pot_Core_9mm.pdf (226.83 KB)

Pot_Core_11mm.pdf Pot_Core_11mm.pdf (226.53 KB)

Pot_Core_14mm.pdf Pot_Core_14mm.pdf (231.23 KB)

Pot_Core_18mm.pdf Pot_Core_18mm.pdf (188.64 KB)

Pot_Core_22mm.pdf Pot_Core_22mm.pdf (227.71 KB)

Pot_Core_26mm.pdf Pot_Core_26mm.pdf (186.42 KB)

Pot_Core_30mm.pdf Pot_Core_30mm.pdf (184.66 KB)

Pot_Core_36mm.pdf Pot_Core_36mm.pdf (187.96 KB)

Pot_Core_45mm.pdf Pot_Core_45mm.pdf (192.84 KB)