U Cores

These cores are used for the construction of transformers in the frequency range from 10 to 500kHz. The transferable outputs will be determined by core geometry, and the upper frequency limits by the material selected.

Other applications are in line transformers producing an electron deflection beam for CRT’s, and new areas of design are emerging in the automotive industry. Materials used for these applications are characterised by high flux density, low specific power losses and the decline of losses dependant on temperature in the range from 20oC to 100oC.

U_15-11-6_Square.pdf U_15-11-6_Square.pdf (171.91 KB)

U_21-15-7.5_Square.pdf U_21-15-7.5_Square.pdf (176.43 KB)

U_52-27.5-11_Round.pdf U_52-27.5-11_Round.pdf (174.54 KB)

U_58-38-16_Round.pdf U_58-38-16_Round.pdf (179.58 KB)

U_60-36-23_Round.pdf U_60-36-23_Round.pdf (186.25 KB)

U_91-44-15_Round.pdf U_91-44-15_Round.pdf (177.82 KB)

U_93-76-16_Square.pdf U_93-76-16_Square.pdf (172.15 KB)

U_93-76-30_Square.pdf U_93-76-30_Square.pdf (172.73 KB)

U_101.6-57-25.4_Square.pdf U_101.6-57-25.4_Square.pdf (209.03 KB)

UR_37-26-18_Square-Round.pdf UR_37-26-18_Square-Round.pdf (176.74 KB)