Planar technology stems from the need for a reduction in size, weight and profile Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

Planar assemblies differ radically from conventional transformers as wire windings are replaced by stacks of flat spiral laminations. In some cases the winding can be replaced by printing circuit tracks, with the Planar E core inserted through the board. The Planar core’s low profile shape and ease of construction offers significant advantages that include fast error-free winding, excellent heat sinking properties and efficient repeatable performance at low cost.

Gapped EE or EI configurations are available on request.

Planar_E_14.pdf Planar_E_14.pdf (219.47 KB)

Planar_E_18_Notch.pdf Planar_E_18_Notch.pdf (232.83 KB)

Planar_E_22_Notch.pdf Planar_E_22_Notch.pdf (232.74 KB)

Planar_E_22.pdf Planar_E_22.pdf (268.65 KB)

Planar_E_32.pdf Planar_E_32.pdf (273.29 KB)

Planar_E_38.pdf Planar_E_38.pdf (257.27 KB)

Planar_E_43.pdf Planar_E_43.pdf (257.33 KB)

Planar_E_64.pdf Planar_E_64.pdf (257.77 KB)