Bobbins & Clips

Bobbins and Clips are essential mounting accessories for certain geometries such as RM, POT, EP, ETD, EFD, and EE cores.

The Bobbins are predominantly pinned and are offed in plastic materials, for example Polyacetal, Glass Filled Nylon and Glass Filled Phenolic. The clips are made from tin dipped spring steel or Stainless sheet steel.

Neosid Aust’s range ofBobbins and Clips are manufactured to market standards.  

EE__EF_Bobbins__Clips.pdf EE__EF_Bobbins__Clips.pdf (210.08 KB)

EFD_Bobbins__Clips.pdf EFD_Bobbins__Clips.pdf (181.83 KB)

EP_Bobbins__Clips.pdf EP_Bobbins__Clips.pdf (186.88 KB)

ETD_Bobbins__Clips.pdf ETD_Bobbins__Clips.pdf (201.53 KB)

Pot_Bobbins.pdf Pot_Bobbins.pdf (198.22 KB)

RM_Bobbins__Clips.pdf RM_Bobbins__Clips.pdf (247.80 KB)