RM (Rectangular modular) cores arose due to the demand for coil formers with integrated pins that allow for efficient winding and high PCB packing densities. Clamps engaging in recesses in the core base hold the cores in place, meaning glue is not normally required in this process. Typical applications are Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), Current Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Energy Storage Chokes and fly-backs.

RM cores are unique in that there designation i.e. RM10 refers to the PCB grid that the core with Bobbin and Clip with fill. An RM10 will fill a square basic area of 10x10 grid layout 25.4x25.4mm2

RM cores are normally supplied with a solid spigot.Adjustable Inductor versions are also available.

RM Core Accessories

An extensive range to suit your application is readily available.

RM_4_Solid.pdf RM_4_Solid.pdf (242.73 KB)

RM_5_Solid.pdf RM_5_Solid.pdf (260.08 KB)

RM_6_Solid__Hole.pdf RM_6_Solid__Hole.pdf (387.43 KB)

RM_7_Solid__Hole.pdf RM_7_Solid__Hole.pdf (394.06 KB)

RM_8_Solid__Hole.pdf RM_8_Solid__Hole.pdf (370.23 KB)

RM_10_Solid.pdf RM_10_Solid.pdf (257.57 KB)

RM_12i_Solid.pdf RM_12i_Solid.pdf (250.36 KB)

RM_14i_Solid__Hole.pdf RM_14i_Solid__Hole.pdf (445.88 KB)